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This is truly an enjoyable story with a heart-warming ending. The characters and their personalities are very strong and authentic... I absolutely loved this play and watching its “world premiere” is a fate I certainly accept with delight. Make it a point to see this gem. 

JV Torres, MD Theatre Guide on Give Me Moonlight

Give Me Moonlight is a poignant, real story of how people deal with crisis differently. Some fold into themselves, some keep themselves busy, some run, and some run after, but either way, life has a crazy way of throwing curveballs right to your face. 

Jason Crawford Samios-Uyon, Backstage Baltimore on Give Me Moonlight

I wanted to leap out of my chair to join the conversations happening on stage, to get involved in the characters lives.

Liz Lund Oppelt, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association on A Second Birth

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