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10 Minute Films

The Man


Mr. Jensen used to be someone. I mean before he “dedicated” his life to teaching. He was a civil right advocate. He burned his draft card on TV. He traveled the country living out of the back of a van. He bungee jumped off of a bridge simply to make a point about equal rights for women. There are all sorts of rumors, but no one believes it by the looks of him now. Only Mr. Jensen knows the truth behind the stories. He can’t forgive himself for turning into “the man,” but what he wants more than anything else in the world is to change it.



Joanie’s grandmother always told her that she would never get married if she didn’t wear lipstick. By age 31, she’s pretty convinced that her grandma was right (everywhere she goes she sees attractive couples that look like they came stepped out of a commercial). She undergoes an extensive makeover, learns how to walk, talk and be a girl. She begins to get all the boys she never wanted (ladies’ men, non-committal jerks, ego-maniacs, chauvinists, the whole package). Frustrated, she gives up the gag. A good male-friend who has been with her all the way helps her to reconnect with herself and to see the beauty that she’s had inside of her all along.



TV and Web Series

Protocol C.A.R.L.O. 


Here is one Story Robot—a picaresque little machine wielding that most powerful and dangerous of tools: the ability to tell stories. Story Robot can enter into and assess a situation, then attempt to provide a solution through narrative. Every half-hour has this sort of artist-audience interaction; media is provided in the hopes that it can be an enjoyable 

service to those that partake. How are stories interpreted? Can stories comfort? Is it alright for stories to just be fun? Questions like these are raised and investigated as Story Robot encounters new characters and situations each week.



Ellery Kirk is a rainbow-bright, charismatic spitfire with a new astronomy degree (and nowhere to go). When she returns home for her father's funeral, she's met with lies and half-truths -- and is determined to uncover what actually led to her father's unusual passing.


DRIFT is a brand new transmedia experience that utilizes the multiple perspectives of four separate protagonists to lead audiences through a complicated and spiraling storyworld.

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