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Interviews and Performances

Tastes of performances and thoughts on writing.

Talking to Air

Lyrics by Ariel Mitchell

Music by Jonathan Fadner

In this song from the musical "Mormonish," the Cassidys (played by Clara Luthas, Liz Barnett, Kim Fadner, and John Blaylock) long for the unity their family once had.

Suddenly Shifted

Lyrics by Ariel Mitchell

Music by Edison Hong

Sarah (played by Patty Nieman) responds to serious news.

How to Be a Writer

A short interview in which Ariel explains what writing means to her.

A Second Birth Trailer

The teaser for the 2012 BYU production of A Second Birth. 


BYU Interview

An extensive interview by Brigham Young University's College of Fine Arts and Communications about A Second Birth and being a writer.


Watch it here.

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