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The Musicals

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Conjuring Women (book and lyrics, music by John Trent Wallace)


Carmen White is a magician at the top of her career. She came. She conjured. Now she can’t be remembered. She’s too old and too female. She returns home to her childhood attic where her passion began, only to discover her magic and memories are vanishing. To save her magic she must conjure her muses through the tricks they inspired. Can Carmen change her fate?  Together these conjurers prove magic is women’s work.


picture courtesy of Ariann Black

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Fill the Space (book and lyrics, music by Edison Hong)

Girassol is turning 25 and has never been anywhere. She fills her time traveling vicariously through the maps she has collected through the years. That is until a map from a colonial cartographer who famously lived in her small Delaware town transports her into the Heart Forest, a mythical place where all feelings and relationships are preserved in glowing hearts growing from trees. There she meets the lovesick cartographer and together they dream up new realities. Can she find the courage to leave or will her relationships keep her grounded forever?

  • 2018 Apples and Oranges Arts THEatre ACCELERATOR

  • 2018 Barnett Residency

  • 2017 New Musical Inc. New Voices Project Finalist

  • 2017 Catwalk Residency

  • 2015 Prospect Theater Company’s Musical Theatre Lab


*Featured Singers: Marie Eife, Alex Syiek, Brian Russell Carey, Lauren Fijol

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Mormonish (book and lyrics, music by Jonathan Fadner)


A semi-autobiographical musical dramedy about how I ruined my family's life by asking too many questions.

This show has an original, contemporary, guitar based score that tells the story of Amalia, a half Mormon, half Jewish (a.k.a Mormon-ish) high school senior who is applying to colleges and, for the first time in her life, is really asking what defines her as her. Driven by the need to discover who she is, Amalia decides to break tradition, and while her Mormon grandparents are visiting for their annual Thanksgiving dinner, Amalia offers to bless the food. This throws her family off track and the family's rift only deepens as Amalia's increasingly urgent questions drive characters from her uber religious Mormon grandma, to her realist Jewish grandfather, to her father torn between the love of his wife and the love of God, to her mother who can't face any of it to stand up for their beliefs. In the end, Amalia has to make her own decision as to what she believes.

  • 2015 New York University 29-hour Thesis Reading

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picture courtesy of Paulo K. Tirol

Mask Club (book, lyrics, and music)


Welcome to Visage Caché High School! Scott and Tammy (a soccer star and a cheerleader) rule the school and keep all the other students under the impression that they need a mask to ‘have fun’. Toby, Scott's best friend, struggles to fit in with the pressures of home, sports, peers, and unrequited love. Leala, a cheerleader and Tammy’s number two, seduces Toby to help with her plot to take over the social hierarchy. Meanwhile Toby’s ex-friend, Marie, attempts to teach him and the other students that you don’t need masks to be cool. They will experience, together, a traumatic event that changes all of their lives. 

One Acts

Dust (book and lyrics, music by Liz Barnett)


In the 1930's Dustbowl, Mason, 10, and her brother Jesse, 12, have been abandoned. Jesse is severely sick and Mason goes to the ends of the earth and her imagination to save him.

4.0 (book and lyrics, music by Peter Hodgson)


Two sleep deprived roommates plot to kill their annoying roommate in hopes that they would automatically be awarded 4.0s. 

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Here We Are (book and lyrics, music by Ross Baum)


A ten-minute musical about a couple (a Mormon and an atheist) deciding if it's a good idea to get married.

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Relapsed (book and lyrics, music by Edison Hong)


A ten-minute musical about a woman who after 10 years discovers her cancer has returned.

Borrowed Feathers (book and lyrics, music by Robert Unnold)


A ten-minute musical adaptation of Aesop's "The Bird in Borrowed Feathers."

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