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The Plays


The Shower Principle


A show in 3 acts: (1) A one woman led experiment into motherhood. Taking place over the six weeks of her maternity leave from an engineering position at a dental tool company, Liz discusses trials, challenges, shifts, and joys in her new occupation. (2) A one man transition into fatherhood. From the moment the child actually becomes real, Mike struggles to know what he should do or if he CAN do anything. (3) The first date postpartum. 

  • Podcast Play *COMING SOON*

  • 2018 Association for Mormon Letters Drama Finalist

  • One Act Version Featured in 2018 NY Winterfest 


Give Me Moonlight


Some sorrow we bear alone. Some sorrow has to be shared. Give Me Moonlight is about the sorrow that is so deep that it can barely be felt let alone acknowledged in the bright light of day. This surrealist play tells the fictionalized true story of Bessie and Albert Johnson, a couple in early 1900s Chicago who seem to have everything. But when Bessie brings home a less-than-acceptable houseguest, the sorrows that have been festering under the surface come seeping through the facades she and her husband have created to protect their life and marriage. Based on the history of Scotty's Castle, this new play explores why two people would risk what they barely have to build a castle for a con-artist in the middle of the desert.

  • 2020 Rapid Lemon Production

  • 2019 Page to Stage Theatre Company Reading

  • 2017 The Dramatists Guild Baltimore Footlights Reading Series

A Second Birth


Nasima, a daughter of poor Afghan parents, has been raised as a boy since age five to improve the family’s economic and social standing in the community. When she must finally give up employment and education in order to (re)learn to be a girl so she can marry, Nasima must confront the relationships of her past and the traditions of her future to find out who she truly is.

  • 2019 THML Theatre Company Production 

  • 2014 Samuel French Publication

  • 2013 Kennedy Center Millennium Stage Reading

  • 2012 Brigham Young University Mainstage Production

  • Buy the script here.

Cut in Twain


Samuel L. Clemens, more well known as Mark Twain, spent his life trying to capture one of life's most fleeting attributes: innocence. In his last year of life, Clemens decides to organize the Aquarium club, in which young fans could come to provide him company, conversation, and correspondence. But will that fill the void his own daughters have left vacant? 

To Be Loved


A woman alone can be a hard thing to be. Especially in the 1800s with two children in tow. To Be Loved tells Clara Emilie Larsson's inspiring story of finding home. On the way, she travels from Sweden to the western United States, converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, loses a husband, finds another, and learns how to stand up for herself and what she believes is right for her family. 

10 Minute

All Dressed Up


Prom night is the most important night of a young girl's life. At least that's what Jamie thinks. Now she has to try to convince her boyfriend.

A Hebrew Christmas


More than anything Frankie wants to celebrate Christmas. It's too bad she's Jewish. 

Out of Sight


Ashley is left to care for her Grandmother who is having a hard time remembering who she is.

A Time for Salsa


Yetta, a die-hard stage mom, can't get over that her daughter has no talent and has been kicked out of arts school for the umpteenth time.

The Pen with No Ink


A couple of bumbling dectectives attempt to figure out the curious case of Mr. Ray Burn's death. 

S' Wonderful


Bea, a flustered medical student, visits with her Grandmother and attempts to bridge the generation gap.

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